Gertraud Schwarz, Austria 2009
documentary, 105 min

Main characters:

Margret Duregger
Claudia Lumplecker
Margareta Lumplecker
Christine Maier
Greti Ployer
Anna Seer
In the traditionally very family-structured and male-dominated agricultural business, for women it is not always easy to keep a farm all by themselves. Be it with regard to the acceptance in society or the question how to manage all the challenging physical work, which on other farms is done by two or more people. Driving around in their tractors, handling the cattle and doing a lot of manual work, the six portrayed Austrian women farmers overcome the obstacles in their lives in quite different ways.

Margret leases her farm and can hardly make ends meet, but she would never want to give up the freedom of leading her own independent life. Anna drives over steep mountain meadows. She is very glad that she has an extra income at her ski lodge, which pays for all the expensive machinery. Greti takes care of her pigs, drives a big tractor and meets with her feminist women's group. Christine could have married and left often, but how would her family have managed without her? And Claudia's mother wishes for her, that she will find a husband and have children. But what does Claudia want?